European Network for diagnosis and treatment of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections (EURESTOP)

The emergence and spread of drug-resistant bacteria is an important health and socioeconomic threat with global dimensions, which is developing towards an emergency/pandemic crisis. No drugs are available to address the disease, and diagnostic tools are poorly effective. This negatively impacts the treatment and survival of critically ill patients. As such, drug-resistant bacteria may spread outside hospital settings, representing a critical risk for the global population. Current research in this field is highly fragmented and mostly monodisciplinary, thus limiting the development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.

This COST Action will bring together industrial and academic European scientists with different skills and expertise in a multidisciplinary and concerted initiative. The Action will combine disciplines such as chemistry, physics, bioinformatics, genetics, biology, immunology, and medicine in understanding the genetic and molecular bases of bacterial drug resistance, developing innovative diagnostic tools, and delivering lead/pre-clinical candidates, antibody-based therapies, and clinical-ready repurposed drugs towards the personalized treatment of drug-resistant bacterial infections. The further challenge of the Action is to enhance networking among European scientists and to increase the competitiveness of European research by promoting the exploitation of translational research outcomes, e.g., by the creation of novel SMEs. Finally, by knowledge creation and sharing, the Action will train a new generation of young scientists skilled in the multiple aspects related to bacterial drug resistance. Career development of Young Researchers and Innovators and research impulses in Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC) will be considered as a priority in the Action.

Action keywords

drug resistant bacteria – infections – diagnosis – drug design and delivery – microbiology and microbiota

 Upcoming Events

First Training School

Lisbon, 23-25 January 2023

First Meeting

Lisbon, 26-27 January 2023

Practical Information Cost Action [CA21145] (Lisbon, 2023)

The easiest way to get to the CBIOS – Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias is either by bus, metro or taxi. All means of transportation are available at the aeroport.

If you decide to go on a bus, you need to catch 783 AMOREIRAS at the airport, and then catch another bus 717767 at Júlio de Matos. Get off after 2 stops: 717 and 767 stop in front of the University. You can buy your ticket inside the bus. Each ticket costs 1.85€ for just one journey. If you decide to come by bus, you will have to buy two tickets.


If you decide to catch the metro at the airport, you must go to Alameda (Red Line) and change to the Green Line, heading to Telheiras. You must go off the metro at Campo Grande, and then walk to the University.


The ticket price is 2.5 EUR and Taxi to the City Center is 20 EUR.

Daily tickets for all transportations (bus and metro) are available at the price of 2 EUR found inside the metro.

The university is located at Campo Grande, 376.




Most distances from recommended hotels/hostels are easily reached by metro.


1- Radisson Blu Lisboa

January 23 to 25, 2023 (02 nights) – Maximum 20 BB rooms 26 to 28 January (02 nights) – Maximum 80 BB rooms accommodation prices
Single – €110.00
Double/Twin – €120.00

Prices are NET, per room, night, include American buffet breakfast served in the restaurant, Wifi internet, VAT and services.

Municipal Tourist Tax: € 2 per night, per guest over 13 years old, up to a maximum of 7 nights. Not included in the stated rate.

Regarding the booking method, it can be made by the V/entity, by sending the rooming list and in accordance with the booking and payment conditions below, or through a Booking Form with the name of the event that we send you to disclose to the participants, to that each one returns it to us with the details of his reservation and credit card for guarantee.

In case of confirmation, below are our cancellation and payment conditions:
30 days before 
– we require a 50% deposit to be sent;
15 days before 
– we request final rooming-list and accept cancellation of 10% of reserved rooms;
08 days before 
– we request the remaining payment.
From this date, any cancellations are subject to costs.
Deposits are non-refundable.
We would like to inform you that we did not make a reservation, so we are waiting for you to contact us accordingly.

2- Hotel VIP

VIP Zurique <>,
VIP Entrecampos Hotel & Conference <>,
Entrecampos – Grupos e Eventos <>,
Grand – Sara Fonseca <>,
VIP Grand Lisboa Hotel & SPA <>

1. VIP Executive Entrecampos Hotel & Conference (4*)

Single room € 85.00 / Double room € 97.00

Site da Web:

VIP Executive Entrecampos
Av. 5 de Outubro no295 | 1600-035 Lisboa 
– Portugal
Telefone: +351 210 043 000

2. VIP Executive Zurique (3*)

Single room €79.00 / Double room €91.00

Rua Ivone Silva no18 | 1050-124 Lisboa – Portugal
Telefone Directo: +351 217 814 201
Telefone Geral: +351 217 814 000
Site da Web:

Reservations would be made through our website, with the promotional code “Lusofona23” and under the following conditions:

– Payment Policy
Full payment (100%) upon booking
– Cancellation and refund policy

The value of the first night will never be subject to any refund.
Cancellations until January 2, 2023: Hotel will refund the amount paid, except for the corresponding to the first night
Cancellations after January 16, 2023: No refunds will be given

Reservations must be made by January 5, 2023. From that date, all unreserved rooms will be released, and any reservation requests after that date must be sent to the hotel by mail. The acceptance of the reservation will depend on the availability of the hotel and the conditions in force at the time of the request.

3-  Hotel 3K Europa

Hotel 3K Europa | Dimensão Principal, Lda.
Av. da República, 93 ▪ 1050-190 Lisboa
T: +351 211 926 050
Website :

SGL / DPL typology
PRICE: 95 € SGL BB / Night + 2€ city tax
€105 DPL BB / Night +4€ city tax
Net prices, per room, incl. Buffet lunch included and VAT.

All stays that require anticipation or extension will be guaranteed these prices if the 3k Europa hotel has availability.

At an informative level, in order for your participants to make reservations at the hotel with the values informed here, they must meet the following criteria

1. Your company must send your endorsement stating that 3K Europa was/or one of the hotels chosen to appear on the v/ list.

2. Prices will only be valid for reservations made up to 30 days before the date of the event in the case of reservations for July 2023

3. After the agreed deadline for new reservation requests, the prices agreed here will no longer be guaranteed (other values may apply

4. Participants must always mention that they are coming to participate in your event, indicating the name of the event, indicating the type of room they want (Single/Double), the dates of their stay, the names of the occupants.

5. All requests will be On request and will only be accepted subject to the availability of the hotel at the time.

6. This event can be created on the hotel’s website and guests can make reservations there with the code that will be provided – (always until a deadline)

7. Accommodation guarantee deposit – Payment of 1 night with the booking confirmation/guarantee

8. Reservation cancellations free of charge up to 48 hours before the indicated entry date – In case of total cancellation of the reservation, the guarantee deposit of 1 night will not be refundable / returned under any circumstances.

4-  Hostels

Please see the link for students’ accommodations:

Meals Information

The local organizing committee has agreed on meals for lunches and the social dinner. Please let us know if you want to adhere to this initiative with a fixed (and good) price through the online form. Please fill in the form no later than Thursday 19 January 2023, 02:00 pm CET time. After this deadline, we won’t be able to guarantee access to meals at the agreed conditions. Lunches will be served in the local canteen at Lusofona University, while the social dinner will be organized in a restaurant in the nearby the Meeting location (information in the form).


  • If you agree to participate in organized lunches and the social dinner, you are kindly requested to pay for the respective fee at the registration desk by cash (no credit card) during your registration at the event.
  • Participants attending also the subsequent meeting will receive an additional form for meals options during the meeting. They are kindly requested to fill in both forms with their preferences.

MEALS during the Training School_form

MEALS during the Meeting_form

Action Details
  • MoU – 059/22
  • CSO Approval date – 27/05/2022
  • Start date – 06/10/2022
  • End date – 05/10/2026
How can I participate?
  • Read the Project Description MoU
  • Inform the Main Proposer/Chair of your interest (email)
  • Apply to join your Working Groups of interest
  • Please note, Management Committee nominations are carried out through the COST National Contact Points

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