Working Group 1

Genomics – Proteomics – Glycomics and Diagnosis

LEADER: Dr. Dana REICHMANN, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem | Email:

  • to review the current status of outbreaks of DR bacteria in Europe.
  • to collect data from hospitals and other sources.
  • to create and update a priority list of the most prevalent and potentially dangerous bacteria.
  • to foster research by other WGs by sharing data.
  • to work in the development of novel biosensors for the diagnosis of pathogenic DR bacteria.

Working Group 2

Microbiology – Microbiota

LEADER: Dr. Younes SMANI, Andalusian Center of Developmental Biology | Email:

  • to characterize the mechanisms of drug resistance at the molecular and cellular levels.
  • to elucidate the structural features of proteins or other macromolecules involved in drug resistance.
  • to investigate bacterial susceptibility to chemical agents.
  • to assess the robustness of potential target proteins in the replication processes of pathogenic and DR bacteria.

    Working Group 3

    Drug Design and Delivery

    LEADER: Dr. Carole DEVAUX, Luxembourg Institute of Health | Email:

    • to design and synthesize novel potential agents and immune therapies to counteract DR bacteria.
    • to combine computer-aided with experimental methods to validate target macromolecules and to screen compound libraries.
    • to evaluate novel targeted immunotherapies.
    • to develop suitable delivery systems for the most promising leads.
    • to create an Action’s library of compounds for screening purposes.